20 December 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, Beyoncé

Think of this - that the writer wrote alone, and the reader read alone, and they were alone with each other.
In the video Beyoncé and Jay Z performing Drunk In Love. In the photo Julianne Moore hotographed by Paola Kudacki. Source The Edit. Photo caption from Possession by A.S. Byatt. Title by Mascotes.

Beyoncé, Countdown, Les Mascotes, 3 February 2012.
Beyoncé, If I Were A Boy, Les Mascotes, 25 October 2011.
Beyoncé, Crazy In Love, Les Mascotes, 20 October 2011.
Beyoncé, Single Ladies, Les Mascotes, 24 May 2011.

Jay Z and Kanye West, Niggaz in Paris, Les Mascotes, 26 December 2011.
Jay Z and Mr Hudson, Young Forever, Les Mascotes, 2 May 2011.